Coaching Sessions

All new clients will receive a Free 30 minute consultation

This is time for us to discuss your current situation, experiences, needs, and goals. It will help tailor what is needed best for you to succeed onward. No obligations! My goal is to get you self sufficient as quickly as possible so you can benefit the most.

Each Coaching session includes:

Remote or In Person Training

Screen share options for meeting remotely or in-person if local

Email and Phone Support

I am available for follow up questions to topics discussed after our session

Session Summary

I provide a copy of session notes and summary to you after each session

What next?

The coaching is just the start. I will give you action items to follow up on between sessions or to keep you going on your journey.

Pricing and Covered Topics

Individual Sessions

I'm able to help with any of the following topics (or others if needed) time permitting and in no particular order:

30 Minute Session - $150

This is designed for quickly answering your questions on how to get started, what best processes can help you in a specific scenario, or as ad-hoc follow up sessions to touch on topics not covered that you want to know more about.

60 Minute Sessions - $250

Need a little more time? No worries! I'm happy to oblige. The full hour session is best suited for you if you have a more complex budget, are needing more in depth planning or discussion around the process, or if you want to focus on multiple aspects of budgeting.

90 Minute Sessions - $350

If you prefer full end-to-end service, I'd recommend this amount of time. This is plenty of time to both help you set up your budget, and get you all the info you'd like to know on how to manage the first weeks, months, hurdles. 

*Note: If we start off with one level and find more time is needed -- I'll always prorate to the next level so you aren't missing out!

Package Pricing (Up to 5 Hours of Coaching) - $1,000

This option is best if you are unfamiliar with YNAB, have a complex situation, want accountability longer, learn better in smaller increments, or if you prefer the investment upfront

Two 1-Hour Meetings

Up to 3 Hours of Follow up Meetings (we can meet in 30-90 minute increments as works best for us both)

Follow-up Coaching

Sometimes our situation changes - or we want it to and just need help figuring out "how" from where we are. I am available for follow-up coaching sessions at a reduced rate after 1 hour of paid coaching.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

For YNAB Coaching with Me

I am fully supportive of you taking control of your current situation - and recognize we are all starting from different places. The time I have invested in learning the software and helping coach others have shown me that it may be simple...but not always easy! In an effort to get you started, I will offer sliding scale rates for up to 2 hours of coaching. This should help you start where you are.

Please reach out to me and we can discuss during the initial 30 minute consultation. Don't worry, chatting about it will not take up the full time together. The first step is starting - and we can go from there!

For YNAB Software

You Need A Budget has several ways to save on the cost of their application. Please make sure to check the "Browse Programs" section of their website for their latest offerings. You can take advantage of YNAB's FREE 34 day trial, and extend it another month if you sign up using my referral link (this gives me a month free too!)  **You can do this even if you don't want to schedule coaching with me**

Referral link: 

*PLUS* All of my paid clients are eligible for up to a 60 day extension of their trial period with YNAB (up to a total of 95 days free trial period) which gives you plenty of time to receive Coaching and support! I really want you to have the best experience.